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Let's let my website bio speaks for myself:
Chantelle is a French artist who has painted since her childhood. Almost from her birth, Chantelle traveled through many countries (Thailand, Senegal, Germany, Egypt, North America, Israel…). Through her meetings with spirituality oriented people, her readings and her own paintings, she reached a deep mystical understanding. She also studied Astrology, Tarot reading and Symbolism .In 1992 she visited the Big Island of Hawaii and fell in communion with the spirit of the place and its people. Since then she has been round the other Islands but she chose Kona in the Big Island as her favourite place and now she spends time between the ‘'Old Europe'' and this beautiful place in Hawaii.

She believes we are permanent students and every day we improve our knowledge. Her paintings are a blend of many philosophies, based on a strong emotional personality. Each painting as a window is a story by itself, and shows her visionary dreams. By often using symbols, Chantelle gives to the viewers occasion to feel and be in touch with their inner selves and at the same time, she releases her own identity, an urgent energy she has to free from herself.

Chantelle has a multifaceted mind and can express her feelings and inner senses using different styles and mediums such as oils or pastels. She has never been in an art school and can be considered as a self-taught person. Her style is symbolic and figurative.

My art: Oil and pastels from Hawaii (Seascapes and sealife,landscapes , hawaiians ladies and men, Children, visions of women and art nudes, fantasy, beyond reallity) I offer originals as well as giclees and prints.
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