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My art is often termed "cosmological" as it is inspired by the stars and galaxies. My paintings recreate the feeling of wonder and serenity I felt as a child beneath the prairie sky.

Magnificient sunsets over the Red River, lightning storms, and mystical northern lights stimulated my artistic imagination and spiritual sensibilities as a child. As I've matured my inner world has evolved, I now appreciate that throughout human history people have looked to the stars for inspiration. My "inner spaces" are integrated into this vision through the cosmos of daily life.

At an early age I was influenced by the work of the Masters - Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Matisse and many others. Deeply moved by their legacy I tried to emulate them while remaining true to my personal vision.

Over the years I evolved professionally and now exhibit paintings, drawings, works on paper, and limited edition prints internationally. My images decorate people’s homes from Paris to San Francisco.

In the early 90's I juxtaposed figures with abstractions to emphasize human values. The late 90's have seen the creation of mandala abstractions to reflect my spiritual and ecological concerns. Now the 21st century is an incentive to create new contemporary artwork - inspired, as always, by Truth and Beauty: the foundation of what is best in us.

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