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Artist Statement: This is my year long journey from photography to painting,
from photographer to artist. I am interested in Realism. Realism is seeing
things as they actually exist, the photographer or artist should not add
anything to the object that is the subject of the work. A realistic picture
dipicts only what exist. With my daily painting blog ( I am
attempting to give myself enough experience to create paintings that can pass
as photographs. I am concentrating only on the technical aspects of my works.
I will work from Photos of the objects applying aGrisaille, pronounced gri-
zai. (It comes from the French word gris meaning grey.) The underpainting of
grisaille is exactly that, a monochromatic painting done with shades of grey.
Greys from the warm end of the color spectrum are used to build the values of
this underpainting. When I have finished that, I apply layers of colors to
give it depth.
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