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I'm a 22 year-old student at the Rochester Institute of Technology in
Rochester, NY. I transferred to RIT after receiving my associates degree at
White Pines College in Chester, NH and am now finishing up my junior year
here. After graduation, I'll be pursuing a career as a photographic illustrator, hopefully producing images for artists in the music industry.

Most of my work is surreal in nature and incorporates many different mediums aside from just photography. Some of my recent work has included
combinations of paint, inks, crayons, found objects and even sculpture. I find that the digital medium and applications such as Photoshop are breaking down the walls between photography and traditional visual arts.

My images are quickly becoming an amalgamation of my photographic skills and my traditional art training and I feel that they are much stronger than my straight photographs or paintings ever were.

I've chosen photography as my medium as an artist because many people view a photograph as a document of truth. My goal is to then take what is perceived as real and introduce a hint of fiction into it. By doing this, I hope to free my audience from an ordinary world and introduce them to one which can sometimes be extraordinary... which has some truly promising improvements.
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