Chris Heisinger

Peonies in the Sun - Stained Glass Mosaic by Chris Heisinger
© 2018 Chris Heisinger

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About the Artist
Chris Heisinger is an artist specializing in stained glass mosaics. Born and raised in Chicago,
Illinois, Chris has always found ways to express herself with her artwork. While attending
Northwestern University, she studied the Arts and Crafts movement, Native American and
Chinese art history that brings a unique flavor to her art pieces.

Over the years, Chris has worked in acrylics, ceramics, photography, stained glass and mosaics.
While working artistically in many media, she came back to creating artwork with glass. Since
the late 1980ís she has developed her artistic style through stained glass and began creating
stained glass mosaics in 2002.

Artist Statement
I have always had a fascination with glass. The way it looks at different times of the day, the
texture, color and tints. Stained glass is my palette of colors that I use instead of paint. It is a
medium that is challenging and inspirational to my creativity. I also like to make artwork created
from reused materials that otherwise would have been disposed of in landfills. Among the
diverse materials that I use are old windows, cabinet doors and found objects that I transform
into decorative artworks.
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