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The one ring
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I have been a freelance artist in the DFW metroplex area for 13 years.I currently work full time on staff at a Dallas book publishing company in the cover art department. I have worked pretty much in every medium,in the last three years I have learned to create art on a Macintosh through such programs as Illustrator,Photoshop and Bryce.
My personal subjects vary a great deal as to what I am into at the time,lately I have been creating Lord of the Rings artwork based on the movies.
My professional artwork has covered pretty much everything there is to caricatures for magazines,to lifelike commisioned portraits utilizing pencils and prismacolors,as well as doing a variety of clip art on the computer.It is all pretty much illustration work although I can pull out the Photoshop skills and do some fun work with image manipulation.
The future is looking great,I have finally begun to get serious about oil painting which is quite enjoyable and can be profitable-I have picked up four jobs since doing my first oil paiting a few months back.
Most of my recent work is on my website and I am working to have a more detailed site up soon.
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