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As a Freelance Designer I spend a lot of my time interpreting other peoples' ideas and expressing them in a way that they find acceptable. The digital prints I produce are my personal exploration of visual art and are a continuation of the themes and fascinations that began when I started Art School in 1972, in particular, the Op Art works of Victor Vasarely and Bridget Riley. Fluid Geometry is the continuation of a theme that began with a series of paintings I produced called 'Thought Shapes'. They originated as a desire to make visual representations of the workings of the mind arising from my interest in psychology, hypnotherary and neuro-linguistic programming. Using a computer has freed me from the rigid scientific geometric method I applied to this earlier work and allowed me to become more intuitive and fluid in my approach. Cyber Fauve is what happens after working on intense saturated images all the time - everything begins to look that way. What's in the mind becomes what we see, as well as a parallel for the interconnectedness of 21st century society. Following on from this, Camera Peculia came from my dissatisfaction with conventional photography. Photographs always lack the intensity of the original experience. I found that when retouching or correcting them, I was never happy with the result until the image had gone beyond what might be seen at first glance.
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