Chris McClary "The Puparazzo"

See Spot Ride
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Dogs chase Cars. He chases dogs in cars. Photographer and dog aficionado, Chris the
Puparazzo, can usually be spotted cruising in his 66 Plymouth, camera in hand, in search of
what he calls "See Spot Ride." From back seats to bicycle baskets, truck beds to baby
strollers, his unique brand of photography celebrates man's best friend drooling over the
simple pleasure of the ride.

Over the years, Chris has developed a nose for spotting Spot. With the instincts of a
Bloodhound and the vision of a Greyhound, he's been known to spot to Dachshund in a
Datsun, a Pug in a Bug, and a Black Lab in a black car, in the black night.

Bulldogs, Border collies, Basset hounds, Bouvier de Flandres... the list goes on in his
comprehensive collection which features thousands of candid canines in just about anything
on wheels.
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