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Biography for Christopher Wright

Born November 19, 1974 in London Ontario

The Son of Larry & Janette Wright

I discovered my love for drawing in Grade 2, often drawing
in my spare time.

In grade 4 my public teacher had us keep a journal in which
we had to draw or write everyday. I've always believed
practice is the talent. My drawing development that year was
proof for I still use tricks I learned that year.

Roughly around age 12 I was making my money painting tiny lead
miniatures and selling them. They were finely moulded
miniatures -Ral Partha and Citadel Miniatures; once I
adorned them with paint, they sold weekly. It was due to this obsession that
I learned the qualities that allow me to paint the ultra fine
details that I am known for.

I went to Medway High School located in Arva for grades
9-11, clashing with all of my art teachers there. The school
made me see a psychiatrist due to an interesting story I wrote
to entertain my friends. Then the school destroyed the story
and erased it from the network: I'd love to show you all
now. I have mostly very bad memories of this school and
wouldn't recommend it.

Westminster High school for grades 12 and OAC, and was
encouraged in my arts there, creating political works that the
principal would come to view; before it was me visiting
the principal.

Recommended for BealArt, and what a great place it was. Two
years of study encompassing Life Drawing, Painting,
Lithography, Etching, Textiles, Animation, Film,
Photography, ceramics, Commercial design and Art History.
Year End show sales showed me the business sides of art.

Mad hours of practice. I do a minimum of 2 hours a day in regards to practice and or creating. Practice practice
practice. I could teach anyone what I know but with practice
they could do the same. It's a fancy idea to think that I was
born with all my talent but I know thats not the case. I
watched as my artwork progressed faster than those who
didn't practice. It's all a practice race.
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