Cielle Laveaux

Les roses bleues
© 2018 Cielle Laveaux

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Looking for gods, faeries, symbols, those who do not restrain, and chimeras, those who speak, and the archetypal magic of the civilisations.

Finding the place "where never again is the question of speak asked, not even it's idea." The sacred place behind a god. The soft spot beneath the feeling. The free space within fear, the hollow spot beyond what is known.

I want to inhabit it, to touch it, weave it in gestures of faith and make a world out of it to live in. And build it big, patient and large and sustancial. Large as a gateway for those who come and do not restrain.

And the coming of only one answer as the opening of a secret: the humility of not being alone making yourself.

(This is my past, my present, my path. That's what a biography is about,is it?)

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