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Korte Heesdonckstraat 52, 9250 Waasmunster – Belgium
Tel : +32(0)3-772.46.05 & +32(0)496-07.39.33 Fax: +32(0)3 296 46 82
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Curriculum Vitae Claire Moens

I am born in Antwerp, June 30, 1971.

Secondary school at the St Lucas Art School at Ghent followed by studies in jewel design at the Academies for Fine Arts of Antwerp and Sint-Niklaas.

I followed various practical training sessions and in particular at the well-known jewel manufacturer Van Den Bosch-Van Ranst who are the leading company in the Benelux for general jewellery and wedding rings.

I further became a Graduate Gemmologist at the Diamond High Council (HRD) and I also graduated as Antiquarian, which studies further enlarged my general education in fine arts.

Claire Moens Jewel Design started in 1997 and I promote my work through various art, luxury and life style fairs in the Benelux. So far I have participated in about 50 of these fairs and with great success.

Design philosophy

Gems or better precious stones are the central part of my jewellery design. Colour, clarity and splendour of the wide variety of precious stones are the inspiring elements of my designs. I try to design the jewel around the gem, to bring out the essence of the stone rather then to use it just for decoration. As such, gems are indeed the very soul of my jewellery. Each design is unique: only one will be made.


I often give presentations about precious stones and my jewellery. It is my intention to explain to my audience that there are many more marvellous gemstones beside the well-known diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds. The less known precious stones deserve to be discovered and shown, and it is for me a real pleasure to guide you in such a discovery. A more specific presentation about diamonds or pearls can also be provided.


1999 - The HRD Diamond Award contest under the theme of the baroque because of the Anthony Van Dyck year. A special pair of earrings was made which have been among the selected jewels. Together with the other selected jewels it was shown at a number of international exhibitions and fairs. The diamonds of my earrings, 7.42 ct in total, have been graciously been sponsored by Backes and Strauss.

(Antwerp Osterriethhuis Artesia Bank 15-16 May, 22-23 May)
(Antwerp Provinciaal Diamant museum 5 June- 29 August 99)
(USA-Miami The Biltmore Hotel Official opening by HRH Prince Philip of Begium
14 September 1999)
(Germany Der Fachanzeiger Köningsbach-Stein November-December 99)
(Italy Vicenza Oro Trade Fair 16-23 January 2000)
(Duitsland Munchen Inhorgenta Trade Fair 25-28 February 2000)
(Antwerpen magical Antwerp opening event of the tourist season of Antwerp.)
(China Hong Kong SAR Trade Fair 11-14 May 2000)
(Japan Tokyo Diamond Museum 20 May -30 June 2000)
(USA New York Residence of the Consul General of Belgium 11 September 2000)
(Malta Valetta Le Meridien Phoenica Floriana 24-27 November 2000)

2001 - For Backes and Strauss, The oldest diamond firm in the world (1789), I designed the Space Collection, witch was shown on the Basel Fair 2001 for the first time.
(Switzerland, Basel 22-29 March 2001)

2002 - In collaboration with internationally renowned contemporary glass artists Stanislow Borowski, Pavel Borowski and Edward Leibovitz.
(Lier May 2002)

2002- For the opening of the new diamond museum, Belgian jewellery designers were asked to make two pieces of diamond jewellery inspired the tales of Arabian nights. Two x 1001.
(Antwerp 20 June – 29 september 2002)

2002- Body and Soul, exhibition organised by the circle, a Trades Organization of Belgian jewellery designers. In collaboration with glass artist Stanislaw Borowski.
(Brugges 5-27 October 2002)

2004- A pair of white cufflinks with rough diamonds were selected to participate in the exhibition: ‘Man Ador(n)ed’. The exhibition took place in the diamond museum and there was also a historic exhibition of jewellery for men. Further more there was the collection of men jewellery of Giorgio Forni.
(Antwerp 24 September - 31 December 2004)

Art Fairs

Allure Antwerp 27 May - 1 June 1998
Art Nocturne Knocke 7-16 August 1998
Jedifa Antwerp Trade Fair 13-15 September 1998
Excellance Lanaken 21-24 May 1999
Allure Wijnegem 7-13 June 1999
Art Nocturne Knocke 6-16 August 1999
Classic Biënnale Kortrijk 7-14 November 1999
Cocoon Brussel 27 November - 6 December 1999
Allure Wijnegem 7-12 June 2000
Art Nocturne Knocke 5-15 August 2000
Art & Antiques fair Belfry Bruges 28 October - 5 November 2000
Elegance & prestige Brussel 16-19 November 2000
Lineart Ghent Expo 1-5 December 2000
Palm court galleries Baarn Soestdijk Nederlands 12-17 December 2000
Prestige Vlaamse Kaai Antwerp 8-11 March 2001
Basel Switzerland Trade Fair 22-29 March 2001
Exellance Lanaken 1- 4 June 2001
Art Nocturne Knocke 4-15 August 2001
Classic Biënnale Kortrijk 3-12 November 2001
Elegance & Prestige Brussel 22-25 November 2001
Lineart Ghent Expo 29 November - 4 December 2001
Prestige Vlaamse Kaai Antwerp 7-10 March 2002
Allure Antwerp 31 May - 4 June 2002
Art Nocturne Knocke 10-18 August 2002
Art & Antiques Belfry Bruges 18-27 October 2002
Cocoon Brussel 15-24 November 2002
Lineart Ghent expo 5-10 December 2002
Art Nocturne Knocke 7-17 August 2003
Classic Biënnale Kortrijk 31 October –9 November 2003
Lineart Ghent expo 4-9 December 2003
Art & Antiques fair St-Pietersabdij Ghent 23 January-1 February 2004
Art & Antiques fair Knocke De Reserve 5-15 August 2004
Het Juweel, Castle of Brasschaat, 29 October - 1 November 2004.
Lineart Ghent expo 3-7 December 2004.
Art & Antiques fair St-Pietersabdij Ghent 20 -30 January 2005

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