Colin Gale

The Earth's Pyramid
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Colin Gale is an established British artist who trained at The Slade School of Fine Art, London. Initially a painter, for many years he worked solely in the medium of computer art. In 1994 he was both awarded a PhD by the University of Central England and made a return to painting. Since that time he has had a number of exhibitions of his watercolour and acrylic paintings as well as continuing to exhibit his computer works. His most recent exhibition was in Kuala Lumpur (2001).

Marcus Hammond, owner and curator of the Bend in the River Gallery, England, states These bright and alert paintings, loosely based on landscape, succeed both in a straightforward sense as pictures, and on an intellectual level as investigations into the nature of painting itself .

Colin is currently Head of the School of Textiles at the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design, Birmingham, England.
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