Colin Perini

Light Blue Fantasy
© 2018 Colin Perini

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My intimate knowledge of my subject and my medium (acrylic) allows me to paint quickly and spontaneously following the subtle urges of my intuition as it pushes me this way and that. This looseness of movement and looseness of intent, results in spontaneous and unique work that is dynamic, realistic and alive.

I use a very limited palette to give a naturalness and continuity of colour. My work is not an abstraction of nature. It is a representation of one moment in its infinite variety of expression.

I paint from 4 am and my creativity springs forth in the fertile silence of the early morning. By 11 am the day is done and the studio is idle until the outburst of the new morning.

All of my paintings are casually based on my own photographs. These photos only act as a guide, giving a form on which the paint plays to act out its role as portrayer of nature's mystery and magnificence.
The nebulousness of water is my great attraction. I capture this moving mass in a frozen moment. My work pays tribute to the glory and wonder of the beautiful sea and its dancing partner, the sky. The land, sand, rocks and distant hills are incidental in my art. They are only the dance floor for this ever-changing play of nature.

Every one of my works could rightly and simply be entitled 'The Sea', for that is all that I paint.
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