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I loved all types of art as a child! As a teenager I did a bit of drawing and even wrote a few poems, but gave up my drawing when I married and had children.
Just about a year ago(2000) my husband, Mack, took a beginner's art class at Stetson University in our fair city of Deland, Florida. After each class he would show me what he had learned. (He had also loved art and drawing as a child but given it up when he joined the USN at the age of 18)
One day last summer, while Mack was at work, I borrowed a pencil and one of his drawing pads, then proceeded to draw a lighthouse from a beautiful painting I had found on the web.
It took me about a month to finish that drawing, and I have barely laid my drawing pencils down since that time! Of course, I now have my own drawing supplies, and we both draw pencil portraits, wildlife and landscapes in graphite or colored pencils.
Now, I am a full-time school nurse at an ESE(special needs children) school here in Deland, and drawing is what I do MOST when I am not at the school!
I hope you enjoy my ART!
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