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Biography of Cornelis Monsma

"If I create from the heart, nearly everything works;
If I create from the head, almost nothing." Marc Chagall


Originating from the Netherlands, but already residing in New Zealand for over twenty years, Cornelis Monsma finally took up fultime artist status in 1999 after being a "closet" painter for forty years.

He was born into a strong christian laborer's family, was taught the simplicity and reality of life and the spiritual values of it. At an early age, he started drawing and painting, and learned the basic principles of composition and perspective.

Although he desired to have an art education, the system did not allow this to happen and he ended up teaching himself the deeper secrets of technique, materials, different mediums and the broader experience that comes with practice.

At this stage he developed a super realistic/surrealistic style, and experienced the sweet taste of success with this style of painting and had some minor exhibitions.
It was at this point that he started to paint large, stylistic murals in institutions, public buildings and church buildings.

Constantly searching for change, he moved into a more abstract way of expression, a style of painting that caught his imagination.

During this period, Cornelis and his family emigrated to New Zealand, where they found a new sense of freedom and space.
Inspired by this new found freedom, his christian faith and the work of the Russian/French painter Marc Chagall, his work developed into a colorful manifestation of expressions, fuelled by the inner man!
Floating between the abstract and realism, stepping into a surrealistic dream world only to be woken up by bold expressionism and taken to the real meaning of things by the message that is sounding through.

"Desiring to have the imagination of a child, the wisdom that comes with grey hair.
Grace that comes by faith and the inspiration that wells up from the Spirit, putting it all together in colors and images, making it visible for the interested viewer".

This painter likes to express it all!

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the contemporary Christian art of Dutch born New Zealand painter Cornelis Monsma.
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