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Cory Thoman Humorous Illustration
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I was born and raised in Indiana. I know it's sounds glamorous,
but don't be jealous. When I was 10, I was kidnapped by Gypsies
and whisked away to South Florida. At least that's what my
parents tell me. I'm a little suspicious about it though. Not to
mention, that story about the farm our cat went to live at when
we moved. After eight years in South Florida, I decided it was
time to move on. I made the the long journey to the west coast...
of Florida, where I attended the Ringling School. I was very excited
about learning how to juggle, walk tight ropes, and the engineering
behind a clown car, but it turns out that Ringling is a four year
accredited art school not a circus college. So four years later, I left
with a Bachelor's of Fine Arts with an emphasis in illustration. After
college, I moved back to South Florida to seek employment and
track down those Gypsies. Luckily, I found work doing toy design,
catalog design and various illustration jobs. Unfortunately, still no
leads on the Gypsies.
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