Cynnocence Kaufman-Sinclair

Rosslyn Castle
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A Hamilton-based artist, Cynnocence brings over 30 years working experience to her art. She creates in her home studio and uses many media, including watercolour, pastel, ink, acrylics, handmade paper collages and actualizing zentangles, but predominantly encaustics, to capture feelings and emotions of herself and those around her. Cynnocence’s career resulted in the honing of her inherent skills to interact with and read others. Come and see the wonderful way in which she expresses this.

Cynnocence was born an artist and will die an artist. Whether it is written or spoken language; or the colour she applies on canvas, she has always been a creator. Earliest on were the magic of crayons, the vibrant colours of her first Crayola pack with built in sharpener. She moved on to Oil and Chalk pastels and as her academics and career outran her use of these media, they were replaced by words and language and the song of poetry.
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