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ARTIST PROFILE OF: CYNTHIA GARCIA --- Artist Profile by: Michael James Ericsson, Chief Editor, MediaMaxx Marketing, Inc. (copyright 2003)

--- Cynthia Garcia was born in New York City. Growing up in the Bronx, she first started drawing at the age of five. Exhibiting a keen desire to express herself through painting and drawing she continued to develop her talent throughout her childhood and teenage years. Returning to her cultural roots, she attended the University of Puerto Rico and graduated in 1990 with a B.A. in Humanities and Visual Arts. Her preferred painting media are acrylic paint on canvas. Although Ms. Garcia enjoys traditional and classical composition, her favorite form of expression is abstract. Cynthia’s ability to readily translate her personal energy into each and every brush stroke evokes an esoteric feeling of magic and beauty to all that view her paintings. Her work has been described by many as being emotionally strong yet mystically sensuous. She is truly an artist who creates images of the human form suggesting both passion and eroticism. Her paintings are characterized by their dynamic composition, vivid use of color and lush texture while incorporating striking contrasts and exotic elements of style. Cynthia has always been in love with the human form. They inspire her more than any other subject or genre. Her portrayal of masculine figures evokes a sense of physical strength and sensual passion while her feminine counterparts exude a surrealistic blend of eroticism and simple beauty. The magnetism of her work draws the viewer into a world of exquisite emotional contemplation of life reflecting the inner recesses of the soul. Influenced by master painters such as Picasso and Rufino Tamayo, her personal style is both spontaneous and abstract. Her ability to translate her emotions onto canvas lures the viewer into a realm of celebration and adventure. Cynthia’s intriguing use of color and contrast brings out exciting values to each original piece. The textured brush strokes of acrylic paint on canvas really come to life when viewed in natural light. The works actually take on a life of their own! An original work of art by Cynthia Garcia will energize any room it is displayed in. Her paintings not only bring enjoyment to the viewer but also serve as a true investment to the owner.

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