Cynthia Yosef

Cynthia Yosef, a native of Southern Calif. began creating art at a very young age. Growing up in the Sixties and Seventies Cynthia used painting as a way of expressing her talent by creating pop art posters amd abstacts.
From painting she gained a feeling for color and design enabling her to excel in the beauty business as a "Master Colorist" Her expertise in the field brought her to Madison Ave, New York, Boston, and finally Beverly Hills Calif. where she met her husband the two pursued their . aspirations to create an artistic showcase of hair design, opening a successful chain of salon and spas in Las Vegas.
Cynthia believes the greatest influence on her oil paintings came from coloring womans hair thirty years. From her fine sense of woman's outer beauty inspired her to capture in oils the inner beauty her paintings, while each pieces soul resonates through the painting reaching a final connection with the viewer
Studios of Cynthia Yosef

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