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Dale "DAWK" Mc Farlane ,since age ten has been creating various works of art via lapidary skills,such as cabachon-carving-sculpting-faceting,and extended by precious metal skills,such as casting+fabrication of gold -platinum-silver.
Dawk has many skills aquired through-out the following decades: in his late teens he landed his first job in the southwest's largest gem-mimeral-lapidary shop as buyer-gem cutter-lapidary teacher-with sales to museums around the world,including smithsoniian.
In his twenties DAWK's lapidary skills landed him a ten year apprenticeship in local Scottsdale Arizona "ALEXANDER'S" fifth avenue jewelry botique.Taking a sabatical,in his late twenties, from his usual artist skills,he joined the Ice Capades as a professional skater,which he learned in Phoenix. DAWK then used this apprenticeship in his 30's to open a designer jewelry gallery in hawaii,then later in Lake Tahoe Nevada,and later 'Carmel by the sea' California.
In His 50's Dawk became partly disabled with mild parkinsons and chronic fatigue,from dust and chemicle pollutants from decades of the aforementioned ,but undaunted ,he retired to the california 'gold' country foothils and built his own solar designed home.
In his mountain sanctuary,a young senior,dawk became intrested in 'graphics' via some gemstone cartoon characters(he exhibited at art shows) he created in jewelry pieces. These were photographed(Dawk had three years of photography in high school)and used for greeting cards-t shirts.
In his 60's DAWK moved back to the desert,along the colorado river and continues to pursue his current project,using photographs of gems-minerals-fossils,collaged via digital and hand made ,which is the result -displayed in sites like www.pixiport.com and www.sito.org where his art and ideas to animate and write story lines for his 'gemstone cartoons' are currently being pitched-displayed.
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