D.J. Boos

Horses and Cows with Rhinocerous
© 2018 D.J. Boos

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D. J. Boos is one of those artists whose work reflects a deep understanding of color and texture. His two-dimensionsl are heavy with multiple applications of colors that have been splashed, poured and knifed onto the canvas. When one initially views Boos' paintings, they are struck by the pure primal intensity of his works. They appear to be a simple and agressive attack upon the surface of the canvas. With continuous viewing however, those same paintings convey subtle expressions of complexity and sophistication. This contradiction in terms is exactly what the artist is trying to deliver. The paintings appear to be a coalescence of Pollock, Kline and Motherwell while still being authentic. He likes to say that his works are intended exercise and challenge the critical eye and mind and I agree those who view his works always return for multiple viewings.
J. R. Dylan
Art Critic
Free Art Press

Dan Boos' studio is located in historic Perryburg, Ohio. He has been married to his wife Kim for 27 years. His other interests include sculpture, design, writing, reading, esoteric studies and animal preservation.

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