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DAN CIVA: Danish, Realistic/Expressive Painter, Self-taught and Academic Art School. Born 1939 in Denmark.
Subjects in paintings: animals, people and nature i warm countries, especially the Far East with kinship in Sri Lanka.
Glowing pictures with motifs from Africa, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Denmark, depict a number of experiences among colourful people in different stories of everydays life style and temperaments.
DAN CIVA, for the last 22 years also known as the painter of ´HumanAnimals´. Transgénetic motifs in paintings and drawings symbolize the combination of human being and animal, referring to coming possibilities in the future of genetic engineering.
His ideas and inspiration comes from interest in science and research.
DAN CIVA, experienced artist in more than 40 years.
Also educated as Artistic Decorator of Window Displays 1953-1957. Special School 1958-1959 with diploma. Allround Freelance Decorator and Sign Writer 1961-1981 in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Privately owned gallery called "Civa Gallery" 1979-1984 and Privately owned gallery called the "Species Gallery" 1995-1999 in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Emigration with family to Sri Lanka 1983-1984. Back to Denmark 1984.
Established the arrangement "Art Studio Project" from October 1988 - January 1989 with Dan Civa as organizer, exhibitor and player in zoo-cage studio with dayly, public contemplation and many visitors.
Exhibitions since 1978 in Public Galleries and many Art Associations. Participation in several Hanging Committee Exhibitions, Art Houses, Art Centers, Art Museums and other.
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