Dan McCormack

Akiyo - 2-24-01-3AD
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Dan McCormack teaches classes in Photography and Introduction
to Digital Media at Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York.
He won a Bronze medal in "Art on the Internet 1999" for his
flatbed scanner image called "BODYSCAN". My web page is

I began using an oatmeal pinhole camera for making 8x10 inch negatives.
I really like the distortion from the extreme wide angle of the round
camera. I have experimented with plastic cameras, panoramic cameras, four lens 3D cameras, video cameras and a flatbed scanner as a camera. The pinhole camera is a delight because it gives me results that are constantly a surprise.
I enjoy being able to make an image rooted in 16th Century pinhole optics, and then juxtaposing that with 21st Century digital print manipulations. The final image is a perfect blend of these opposites. In my diverse series, I have always tried to find a mix of image and process.
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