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The Artist ...
Dan Metzl is an Israeli artist who exhibits and sells his works in Israel and California. He studied art at the Kalisher Art school after years of sculpting and painting without formal training. He has worked over the years at a variety of occupations: A frozen foods salesman, banana farmer, chicken farmer, restaurant manager, handyman, teacher and educator, human resource manager, mayor of a communal village, organizational consultant, group dynamics facilitator and supervisor, consultant to Arab - Jewish relations, mediator, and a British university's business college president. He owned and managed a number of businesses in Israel and Turkey.

Dan also has produced and directed a number of plays and produced numerous cultural events.

He has used his creativity to invent games and toys, written one children's book, and he is presently working on another.

He has studied at Cal. State University, Rutgers University, Rupin Institute, and Tel Aviv University.

Dan is happily married, is the father of four lovely daughters, and grandfather to wonderful a grandson and granddaughter.

He lives currently in Israel and has traveled extensively.

Speaks English, Hebrew, German, Yiddish and some French.

Loves people, colors, shapes, games, drama and the depth of real encounters.
The Art ...
Art is a part of people's daily lives, and thus belongs in homes rather than only upon the walls of affluent collectors. By rendering these works as limited edition prints (only fifty prints of each work will ever be produced), the artist invites you to acquire inspiring hand-signed art at an affordable price.

The sizes of the prints is designed to fit on anyone's walls, either by itself, or along with other works. The humility expressed by the size interacts strongly with the unique vividness of the colors, shapes and statements of the art itself. The artist uses unique and unusual applications which vary from doodles reworked with photographic manipulation, to paintings done with unconventional colors and techniques.

The colorful subjects include interpretations of nature, fantasies, and emotional expressions tinted by a distinct joy of colors. The subjects of most of the black and white works express a social commentary.

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