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Artist statement:

A Photograph is a captured moment in time and history. It is a timeline that has been preserved for ones amusement and interpretation. The interpretation may always be in the viewers hands ultimately, however I have the power to push ones imagination towards my world. This timeline is factual, yet manipulated by me the artist for self-expression. Fantasy becomes reality and vise versa. This form of art brings smells, emotions, thoughts, and imagination, into a tangible form. It is the power to be able to remind a person of a single emotion they once had from a moment along their personal timeline. To be able to remind one of their fears or happiness is why I am an artist. For I must share these feelings with others for I know what I receive from my images. My memories....

artist bio

Daniel Newcomb, born Ft. Myers Florida 1973.

Schooling at Edison Collage for A.A. in Fine Art

Schooling at South East Center for Photographic Studies for A.S. degree in photography.

Imagery: Photography of past and present architectural, portraiture, still life, abstract anything of beauty laid before my camera. Saturated color is used to influence the seances. In my black and white I use high contrast to appeal to emotions. Images show an almost vintage quality as if they might have been taken between the 30's to 50's.
My art is experimental with direction and consistency. The art ranges from computer manipulations, emulsion transfers onto aluminum sheets, Polaroid transfers,sx-70 Polaroid manipulation, and process manipulations.

Painting: abstract mixed media.

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