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Danielle Hartman 2004 Graduate from Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a BS degree in Art
Education and a minor in Art History. She is currently teaching art high school level and displays her
work at local art shows in and around Pittsburgh.

She creates works of art with strong nature and human symbolism with strength of the feminine
spirit. She works in a wide variety of media including 3 Dementional peices using such materials as
plaster and or stone. These figures mainly represent the human form that is translated into more
simpler forms that are not gender specific. Her 2 Dementional work consists mostly painting and
digital photography. These peices have a strong connection to nature and the feminine.

Danielle wants to share her work with others. People love art for its origiallity and she wants those
who really find a connection to one of her peices. "I don't create works of art for myself I create
them to connect with others on a different level where words are not needed".

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