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Born in Belgrade 1978.

In 2004. I graduated painting on Art University in Belgrade.

In June 2006. I II finish with graduate studies, Master Degree on Art University in Belgrade.

My paintings present a transformation of words, thoughts, emotion and fantasy into the lines and colors. At the same time my artwork represents examples of my life experience. I am usually inspired to paint with a momentum of stimulated emotion which is provoked by life, other artwork or personal experience. Consequently, I am motivated to paint my story where the main theme is duality and love as a natural order of life. Colors are vibrant and fresh and as an optimist and humanist, I wish to put my expression and energy into my paintings. I paint the way I feel it, I paint with all my heart. Thats the only way to fulfill myself. They talk instead of me, they are me. Every of them is a story for itself, one special moment in my life. And every one of them describes things like very special feelings, things that cannot be described in plain words. Paintings, thats me.

I am open for any critics and comments. That is the only way to do better paintings.
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