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Artist Statement

The direction Iím going in artistically is to express my feelings about the innate nature of the universe and everything within it, especially in relation to everything else. I try and visually express the fact that human beings beyond biology, within each of our cells are atoms, and within each atom are the remnants of cosmic star matter which was made relative to everything else in the Universe. I attempt to visually express the relationships between matter almost as a nebula depicted with an array of colors, in a patchy and loose way to express whatís beyond the surface. These colors represent the star matter which materialized into people and things and the arrangement abstractly put together the subject matter. I have a particular color pallet that I usually use such as red, green, yellow, yellow ochre, orange, black, and white. The content is usually of people in harmony or of the beauty of an individual or anything in nature.
I always painted using very bright colors innately which wasnít fully understood at a young age but now I realize that it has stuck with me because I love visual stimulus. Iím a very stimulus oriented person and am very environmentally sensitive. The colors are a reflection of my individual being expressing how I choose to see the world. The arrangements of colors are not realistic by any means but a surreal depiction of reality emphasizing the conscious universe within the subjectís being.
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