Darius Maurice White

Mother and Me (artist's version of an original)
© 2018 Darius Maurice White

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CURRENTLY EXHIBITED IN NY at the African American museum of LI.
ANNUALLY shown at the University of Michigan (March)

The artistic emotional color drawings of Darius White. Experiences, feelings NOT OF, the world of prison, in which I live. My thoughts, my feelings, my dreams and aspirations, my life are revealed through my sketches.

The story, as for all of us, goes back to my youth.
When my ambition to become a star athlete for several top notch schools didnít fare due to arthritic knees I withdrew and became an isolated citizen. In my isolation all I had was the University of Life, my society, the mean streets of Detroit. I sought ways to free myself from this society and succeeded when I fell in love with expressionism, using art as a voice to show my view and appreciation of life as an African American.
Today, at the tender age of 40, bald but still beautiful, young yet old,
playful and serious, loving and tender as all heck
yet sometimes angry and ticked off...

I use pen or pencil and paper to inspire people
to remember the past, utilize the present and
pray for the future. I want my art to show people
just when you think the whole world smells as
badly as a sanitation truck along will come
something wonderful. A Hand A Love A Loving
shocking amazing surprise that you'll be glad you survived enough,
lived long enough
to know.

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