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This is the only area, I have excelled in. Art is the most natural of things, during the day I
am a techincal Illurstrator, for a famous ( in Europe ) cooker company, by night a work on
the thing I love, modern art but with a nice twist, I get to use and reuse all my mistakes and
create new work.

My background, well when I left school at 16 I was offered a job as a joiner / carpenter, this
I accepted. And spent nine years working all around the country doing a variety of jobs. But I
never completely satified, So I decide to back to college. Before I went back I had to college I
had to decide what I wanted to do. There was only one answer, ART.

So I started back at college doing life class. From here I went on to do a two year foundation
at the local college. Finished this with a diploma in art and design. And got accepted to
unversity in Exeter, doing Product Design for three years. This really was not for me but I
stuck it out till I finished and got my degree.

This is where the story starts to move forward, I loved print and fine whilst at college, so I
decided to start there. This were visualjaz was born, but the name and the company would
begin until five years later.

So using a computer ( an Apple ) and adobe software ( photoshop ) I put my three loves
together simple but strong shapes, ie circle square, texrures throught pushing the program
in my different area's, and finally colour again it but strong.

The work is now its nineth year of evoling, and is branching out in to a variety of area's from
the music industry, to video and animation, tied in with orginal piece of music.

The best place to view my work is at the website. You can see why I love it so much.

Kind Regards
Dave Rothwell
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