David J Simpson

Foray I 46x25cm
© 2018 David J Simpson

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These pieces are originally sculpted in wax.
Moulds are made and then a cast taken from them in a synthetic gypsum.
Each piece is prepared, dipped and painted in a liquid acrylic paint system.
The same system is used to paint the backgrounds, and the frames, which are usually made from Ash.

The number on each piece represents where it is in the sequence. Each piece is not one of an “edition” but a reworking of the same cast pieces. This means that the overall effect, size, order and colour of the piece can be totally different to another with the same title.

These are sculpted direct onto board using a gypsum compound.
They are finished in the same way as the series pieces.

A recurring theme in my work is “borders”, the space between one state and another:

Winter/Spring , Land/Sea, 3D/2D, Music/Art etc.

Natural textures and colours are my usual source of inspiration.

I have worked as an artist since 1988.

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