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David John Correia is a photographer and a digital artist from Boston. His work include nudes, still life, 3D enhanced images, polaroid transfers, and black and white photography. As a child, life instilled in him a desire to be creative and to have a voice. He tends to see and speak in images.
His art lies somewhere between portraiture, still-life, and illustration.
Lighting, form,& simplicity of content combined with a decisive tripping of the shutter are key elements in his style. His vision has been influenced by Henri-Cartier Bresson, Richard Avedon, Paul Strand, and his life experiences. He's a board member and active artist with the 4th Floor Artists, Inc.,a group of 40+ artists working in a Rockland, MA warehouse.He is represented by The Charles-Baltivik Gallery in Provincetown, MA.
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