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I studied art at Sonoma State University, graduating in 1978 with a BA. I have pursued my creative interests while simultaneously working in the computer field. For the last several years, I have focused exclusively on my addiction (art).

A number of my works involve the integration of traditional techniques with digital processes. For example, I paint over digital prints and then bring them back into the computer for additional work and final printing. Conceptually, I see much of my work in terms of traditional printmaking, but I'm working with a "digital plate" rather than traditional substrates.

I work in a number of parallel themes that are quite different visually yet compliment each other in subtle ways. Surreal, abstract, figurative and photo-grahic themes are my main interests, often placed within "symmetrical contexts".

My work is experimental in the sense of attempting to take advantage of chance and discover something new. The conceptual context can be expressed as: I am interested in the immensely complex and rich "perceptual field" from which we "abstract" meaningful shapes and events. The process is subtle, with order emerging out of chaos, with feedback loops involving the interaction between what is seen and what is "looked for", and a hierarchy of physical structures and culturally learned "realities". These works are more like discoveries where intention and chance interact in unexplainable ways (to me) -- a dialogue that teases order out of chaos.
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