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I am a native Californian: Iím married and a mother of three. For the last four years, Iíve been a full-time student. Last year (in the year of 2003), I graduated with three Associates of Art Degrees in Graphic Design, Editorial Illustration, and Multimedia. At this time, I am focusing on obtaining a Bachelor's Degree in Informational Technology at University of Phoenix.

I have worked full-time as a videographer, wedding photographer, and free-lance artist for several years now. In addition, I have been a wholesaler and retailer; however, not at a corporate level. I have wholesaled my artwork to gift stores in several states (as a production artist) and have sold my artwork, garden accents, and other products from my own storefronts.

At present, I am interested in producing digital art and animations: I prefer to create whimsical art and design images pertaining to birds, flowers/plants, and fish.
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