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..Debie Tregidgo..

Born in Hertfordshire in 1965, She is the youngest of 5 children.
Debie Tregidgo is a self-taught Artist, confidant in all mediums.

All Debies paintings are produced in her studio, from the finest materials.

Commissions Artist for 25 years,
Specialising in Encaustic Painting and Acrylic.

“The bees wax when heated takes on its own form leaving the imagination to run wild, many times a picture can change before we finally reach the finished product.”… Says Debie..

Debie has Designed and painted many murals,
Her first when she was just 11 years old and loves to work on a Big scale.

Debie sells to private collectors worldwide and has built up quite a following. Taking commissions on a regular basis.

The vibrancy in Debies personality certainly is reflected in her finished artwork, She is a very private Artist, just starting out on the public road. . And loving every step.

Commissions welcome.

Encaustic Art & Acrylic Painting.

I can personalise your picture to your taste:
Theme, colour, size etc…
Normally your finished piece will be delivered to you with in 2 weeks of ordering but at busy times it may take up to 4 weeks…

Acrylic Painting.

Most of my Acrylic Paintings are painted on plywood….
But I have no problem painting on canvas.
I am happy to work with clients to get the finished Artwork they desire.
Studios of Debie Tregidgo

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