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Irish Heart
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Born in California, Deborah has returned to her birth state after having lived and traveled most of the world. She is an untrained artist who uses her natural instincts and skills to create highly motivational pieces of cultural and historical value. To describe her as a folk artist would be an insult, as her style is unique to her alone. She is a contemporary artist of noteworthy merit who is making a considerable contribution to the art of modern times.

The Irish Heart is an inspirational study of an Irish shepherd at prayer in a field. It shows the emotions and cultural values of Ireland's characters in this wonderful heart moving watercolor. The Irish Heart was sold to a private collection in North Carolina in January 2004.

Her other subjects tend to focus on children, motherhood, women, and a spiritual insight to character study. Her floral creations have a mystical ethereal mood and mode to them that are accentuated by her effective use of color. More of Deborah's work can be seen at where a selection is available for purchase.

Her painting "Teamwork" is displayed in the Heritage Art Museum, Tennessee where she spent much of her childhood. It is an equestrian piece that she fashioned using memories of her grandfather and the mules he used to plough the fields on the tenant farm she grew up on. She said when it was purchased that she felt it was going home. Many of her paintings and prints are in private collections throughout the world.

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