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Debra Amerson, MA Business is a visual artist, photographer, writer, entrepreneur, interior and
garden designer based in northern California.

Debra's art is inspired by a self-felt, self-accepted calling to the cause of good, growth, and gain
in the lives of others and the environment. Amerson uses visual art as an influential
communication vehicle for sharing her ideas.

Amerson's images are derived from understanding the deeper or 'real' meaning of ideas and she
uses them effectively visual communications.

It's rare to find an artist with a strong business background, but Debra naturally merges both.
She refers to herself as a "Smartist" or Smart Artist. Debra sees the big picture so much so that
she, attempts to see all parts of the picture in that larger context, then sees all parts relative to
each other, but still within that larger context. Her perception and thinking are intuitive, holistic,
conceptual-- and at times philosophical.

Using analytical, research, and innovative preferences, Amerson taught herself how to merge
traditional mediums with cutting-edge digital methods. She established an objective for her new
creative breakthrough and developed innovative large format digital art light shows to market
and promote her art to a larger public.

One of her biggest exhibitions was "Dancing in the Fields of Color", an interactive light show she
held at a multi denominational rave mass. Sponsored by Oakland Mayor and former California
Governor Jerry Brown, this show projected over 100 digital paintings by Amerson during a
Techno cosmic Mass led by Mathew Fox, an ordained priest and founder and president of the
University Creation Spirituality in Oakland, California that featured Clarissa Pinkoles Estes, author
of Women Who Run With The Wolves.

Some of Amerson's other performance art, paint and photography exhibition venues include San
Francisco's Club Q, the District of Columbia Art Center, Post Macworld Party, The San Geronimo
Valley Community Center, The Michigan Women's Music Festival and the California Institute of
Integral Studies.

When she's not making art and designing products, Amerson leads Plantris, an eeo-logical
landscape firm based in Marin County. She is also serving her second term on the Board of
Directors at the San Geronimo Valley Community Center, a local Marin County non-profit.

She resides in a small villiage in Marin County California with her partner, pets and local wildlife.

Debra currently uses a Nikon D70 and producing her images using an Apple ibook and works in
a 24' yurt studio.

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