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Denise Lion
Denise Lion was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1960 and has lived in the United State since 1981. She grew up at the edge of the sea, the daughter of a Naval Commander. Denise experienced beauty in the ocean and all its surroundings while living the life of a career military officer’s family. Her first memories are of the swirling waters and the exotic sea and land life that Brazil has to offer. Her passion is the water and sun and this reflected in much of her work. Denise is the second of six children. She is married to Tim and has 2 children, Erik (21) and Bianka (16).
Her education takes her through the Brazilian University system and then on to the USA in 1981 to undertake studies in the art of esthetics. Her career began as an active in the beauty industry where she has created her skills of treating clients to help them look their most beautiful. Like her art works, Denise takes pride transforming the human palette from a dull canvas into a gorgeous, radiant look.
Along with her husband, she has created a successful Day Spa called Skin Care International in Piano, Texas. It is here that she began to experiment with oil painting. Since 2001, Denise has created numerous works which been displayed in her Day Spa and in various galleries around Dallas metroplex. She has sold over 15 pieces in the past year and commissioned to draw several portraits.

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