Dez Karpati

I am a self-taught amateur photographer originally from Budapest, Hungary. I am currently living in Madison, Wisconsin, USA. My artwork reflects the way I view and think about the reciprocal interaction of art and its creation. It represents the interplay of art, the technology I use to create the art, and human emotions that I try to capture through a digital camera or that are evoked because of the way in which technology shapes the art. I am using the newest technology to achieve this and at the same time I am focusing on maintaining the true vision of a particular moment as I perceive it. When I take a picture of something or someone, I enhanced it to give the meaning of what I have seen at that moment. I believe that computer technology will add
more tools into the hands of art and artists in general.

Photography for me, is a way of simplifying the world around me,
extracting what is visually appealing and attractive from the
chaotic flow of images of every day life. I am not trying to change the world with my photography, and Iím rarely trying to make any political or social commentaries. I am simply trying to present what is often a commonplace subject in a way that highlights what is interesting
or attractive about that moment on itís own or in how it
interacts with itís surroundings.

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