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-Name: Diezzo
-Date of birth: 3 June 1969
-Origin: The Netherlands
-Disciplines: Design, Photography, Music, Poetry, Writing, Art, DTP.


Art: Pastel, Oil-paint, Sculpture.
Graphic Design/DTP: Design & Desk Top Publishing.
Music: Playing Piano & Saxophone.
Photography: Landscapes, Architecture, Peoplescapes, etc.
Poetry: Personal Life, Impressions, Free-Style.
Writing: Daily Weblog


Art: Self-Expression.
Graphic Design: DTP/Design invitations/brochures for expositions of artists at an Art-Centre in Eindhoven.
Photography: Series of my Mam's illness (breast-cancer). I'm thinking about it to publish it or not.
Poetry: Speech & Poetry for my Mam's funeral.
Music: Organizing evenings from the local Music School at the end of a learner year.
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