Dino Mehaffie

Brave Bull
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Dino Mehaffie is an extraordinary artist. Only in the days of the old masters does one find such incredible diversity. His ability to paint in every medium and his bronze sculptures confirm his title as the "Renaissance Man."

Mehaffie was raised in Chicago, first in an orphanage, then in foster care. Dino's fascination with art began in early childhood when he first started drawing horses. This fascination continued throughout his secondary education and subsequently at the Art Insitutue of Chicago where he
received a scholarship at the age of fourteen.

His family relocated to the Los Angeles area soon after he was accepted to the Art Institute. He continued drawing and painting on his own, but his formal training had to be suspended. He subsequently began working as a Landscaper, which led to him becoming a Landscape Designer and Contractor.

After many years of hard work, he was able to resume his formal art training at the Art Institute of Southern California, in Laguna Beach, California. He now devotes himself to painting full time.
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