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My Biography is very simple, I have created art all my life. I have created from pure imagination. I believe my art style inspires people and evokes emotions. Now, I feel I am ready to start exposing my art. My goal is to capture the imagination of the entire world. Meaning that I will give the art world a new style based on intense emotion and passion.

The drawings of Dino Turull challenge the viewers perception of rampant brain cells at work. In a deftly comic fashion the artist depicts groups of smiling, bizarre creatures broadly suggestions of social interactions. The essential style of his flat, cartoonlike shapes and use of bright hot pinks charteuse greens and yellow golds are attributes shared by every of his drawings. Through it he demonstrates how mutant oddity can be harnessed effectively without losing any of its raw vitality. Proportion, scale and perspective are purposefully skewed to throw us off balance while treating us to humor with an edge.
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