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Impossible Berlin
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I work in an intellectual way with arts. I want more than my mind to rule the creative state and I hope that my pictures will speak.

Creating works of art is a mysterious process, and in that process no less mysterious, paradoxical objects are produced, which can hardly reduced to mathematical formulas. Being a cosmos of feeling and thoughts in their unity, a work of art is inexhaustible in principle.
“Impossible reality” are a dialectical and proportionate interaction of order and disorder, of symmetry and asymmetry, of geometric accuracy and elegant deviations from it, of reasonable actions and intuition. The basis of form-creating in them is a geometric structure reflecting a proportion comes visible, and the irreal becomes a reality. The compression of the meaning of form dematerialized it – it becomes an act of conscience.

It is conceptual art, since it is based on the “vision of through’” and because it “combines the process of creating a work of art with the process of its analysis” but is expressed an a traditional form, in which the conditions of a picture surface are preserved.
The style of work may be defined as “impossible realism”. The need to transform a depicted object into a sign runs all through the art of the modern time, starting with the well-known formula of Paul Cezanne: “Interpret nature by means of a cylinder, a sphere, and a cone…”. Greater emphasis on the intellectual side of art was advocated by cubists, whose credo was: “I paint what I know and not only what I see”. According to Yekaterina Bobrinskaya, a painting of this trend “is constructed in the manner of visual signs or texts, always referring the viewer to what lies beyond the bounds of materiel form itself – to ideas, to analysis of the mechanism of perception and to thinking activity”.
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