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Don Wisener creates his metal sculpting and wrought iron furnishings in his studio, located in the scenic coastal mountains of northern Oregon. Where the rivers, forests and ocean shores meet, Don uses this inspiration to transform rigid metal into flowing works of art. With more than 20 years of experience working with metal, Don applies techniques that make his works of art both structurally sound and artistically balanced. Each piece is given meticulous attention and is one of a kind. His creations include diverse themes which range from:

* Marine and wildlife representations
* Oriental and abstract designs
* Depictions of flora and fauna
* Ornate furniture and handrails
* Accented gates and fences
* Custom fireplace doors and shelves

When Don is forging or welding to transform his metal, he uses a combination of brass, copper, iron and steel. When these metals are allowed to oxidize, diverse colors emerge, continually taking on new beauty and developing added interest. With each sculpture Don blends traditional and modern ideas, inspired by the surrounding beauty of nature.
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