Donna Mae Montgomery

Delightful Dollies
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Donna Mae has lived in the San Francisco bay area since 1965. In 1972 she took her first art
class in the "art of experimental drawing" with Norman Steigelmeyer, known at the San Francisco
Art Institute as the "father of visionary art"

Donna Mae soon found herself indulging her creative spirit by showing her "visionary" art
collages, hand-colored photography, and jewelry designs in a number of galleries in the bay area
and across the country. She also performed "stand-up performance poetry" at the various clubs
and art theaters in the bay area. She would say the one given in whatever art-form she is
creating is her "tongue and cheek" since of humor and the influcence of the Dada Artists.

Donna Mae is always reinventing herself and a couple of years ago she self-published a cook
book "Lick your plate clean recipes" which includes her recipes, short stories, poetry
and art. She has always considered creating recipes and trying them out on her family and
friends and then writing about it, to be one of her favorite art-forms.

In the last 10 years Donna Mae has been honing her skills with photoshop and has designed
her own website to display her latest collages "Computer generated (mixed media).
and thanks to Norman Steigelmeyer who influenced her the most of any teacher and her
love for photoshop she has been able to take her collages to new heights.

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