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2004: I found my own art-way to «paintings with expressive colormetric quantum-femi-fauvi-synergism» (as Lynda Lehmann - - calls my style) as a self taught artist.
2006: Member of the «The Society for Art of Imagination»
2007: Member of Worldwide Woman Artists

All my pictures are created spontaneous and intuitive. They always come from the eye of heart and the depth of soul. Sometimes also from strange thoughts in my head, which I notice with a smile. Mainly a look in inner worlds it’s always my perception of energies in and around me.

Depict what my soul sees and feels – impulsive and instinctive. I prefer to extract the quintessence of emotion felt deep inside me, not to reproduce what I see in reality.

My subjects are celebrating every dimension of life by celebrating colour – without fear but with passion, an innocent mind, love, joy, spirit, depth and humour.

Touching deep, touching hearts with art describes the message my images have.

My image "Sambalsa" is published at NY Arts Magazine Jan/Feb 2007 and can also be found at the Tips & Picks Section” of the NYArts Magazine online: &task=view&id=6414&Itemid=151

Enjoy to explore my world at:
http.// (The Society for Art of Imagination) " - Doris B. Lambling shows Art for Children - Phoophietales THE SONG The Song of Art - A free and open art gallery and artist community 112&L=6&P=67467&S=6&Y=0 - Buy artwork by Doris B. Lambling at t=381 ofile/3795.html - The Saatchi Gallery
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