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Dorotea Bagaric, artist-illustrator started her interest in esoteric, mystical worlds very early. As the passion evolved,it resulted in several drawing, painting and digital illustrations for music bands as well as few mural works and magazine illustrations. Dorotea had participated in a number of academic gallery exhibitions during her college art education, culminating in personal exhibition "Fantasy Illustrations", 2005. Dorotea Bagaric continues to create and aspire towards new majestic horizons.

Dorotea Bagaric says: My work, strongly rooted in personal emotional, spiritual and aesthetic ideas, seeks to awaken in viewer an inner sensual and mystical side. By combining media such as oil pastels, watercolor, colored pencil, chalk, and pencil, I create imaginary pagan, ritual, mythological scenery body gestures and atmospheric ambience to provoke feeling of mystery, magic, and an emotional response in the viewer. Through this imagery I invite the viewer to experience the unknown, surreal, otherworldly times of enchanted nature, rare creatures and fantastic architecture.

As a means of self-actualization, a form of inscribing personal inner world and vision into a physical, presentable form, my work describes the plane where spiritual and aesthetic sensations are interconnected. Through the use of chiaroscuro rendering, I convey a reverence for nature’s majesty and a spiritual connection that enhances an awareness of expanded human consciousness existing outside chains of modern society.

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