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I was born on January 10, 1959 in Hungary. We moved to Szentendre when I was nine. From the age of forty I have been living at the Respiration Rehabilitation Department of the Childrenhospital - Buda. On August 19, 1998 I fell into coma, because my respiration muscles were attacked by my myopathia. A laryngotomy saved my life and since then I have been living with a respirator.
My destiny proved that my life is meaningful even with such a disease, moreover the disease might have been the reason why I started to draw and paint... My native village rewarded my willpower to live and my art with the "Freeman" title - exactly 8 years after my coma - on August 19, 2006. I was rewarded by War Department with the "Standard Remuneration" title Nov 7, 2007 for "Budavár Annexation" Picture. I had many divided and more than 20 individual exhibitions.
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