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Zebra In The Dust
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For over 20 years now Dug Weston has traveled the globe experiencing many of the wonderful things this planet has to offer. Typically he will pursue the paths not frequented by the majority of travelers. His preference is to see as much of the country in its original form as possible.
Granted, he enjoys his morning coffee, but his travels sometimes land him in sub-zero temperatures surrounded by wild guinea pigs, bedding down with herds of geckos or watching the scorpion parade across his feet.
He have enjoyed his travels and has been very fortunate for the opportunity to do so. The images he has photographed are simply representative of what exists in the world today, everyday life. Perhaps it is taken for granted and has little significance to many, however it is unique to those who are not indigenous to these locations.
As this world grows, many of these fundamental sights and events will decay and dissappear. Unfortunately this was the sad case with our Native Americans and their once pristine homelands.
Join him on his modern day exploration of this great planet. There is such a vast amount to see that this quest is easily never ending. His goal is to experience it all. Perhaps unattainable...hi doesn't believe in limitations.
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