E. Marie Francis

Liniar shapes of color
© 2018 E. Marie Francis

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I have been an artist primarily working in pen and ink. I have been in 15 juried National competitions since 1967. My work in the beginning was very abstract and gradually I started doing interiors and now over the last ten years I have been doing watercolors and am now combining both mediums. I was a public elementary school teacher in Plymouth and Carver Massachusetts for 25 years. I have now retired here to Vero Beach to continue my studio work. Last winter I taught a pen and ink drawing course at the local Vero Beach Art Museum. I belong to the Vero Beach Art Club and received an Honorable Memtion for my work "Hibiscus Afloat" which I sold at the show. Combining watercolor and pen and ink has been a real challenge for me but one that I very much enjoy. I also enjoy doing art on my computer.

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